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Rainbow over BugtussleRainbow over BugtussleJust south of the Red River is a little settlement by the name of Bugtussle. It's in Fannin County at the junction of FM 1550 and State Highway 34. Just 10 miles south of Honey Grove and five miles north of Ladonia, this community was originally named Truss, after one of it's first settlers, John Truss, back in the 1890's. For a whole year (1893-94) this speck on the Texas map even had a post office!

Though there are many tall tales about just how this tiny town got its "new" name of Bugtussle, the most popular of the legends has two old-timers arguing about a new name. As the discussion ensued, they were distracted by two busy tumblebugs fighting in the corner. "Look at those bugs tussle," one reportedly remarked, thereby ending the debate with a newly agreed-upon name. Other stories still include tussling bugs, including an invasion ruining a church ice cream social and a similar story telling of the isolated locale being a favorite Sunday School picnic site, with attendees having nothing to do but eat and watch the bugs tusslSunset over the Allen's "Little Piece of Heaven"Sunset over the Allen's "Little Piece of Heaven"e. Any way you tell it, it's Bugtussle, Texas!

Other fame claims, aside from popular tall tales? Sure! Here you go:

  • More than seventy Bugtussle highway signs have been stolen over the years
  • For several years, it was fashionable for young couples to come there to get married, just to say they had been wed in Bugtussle
  • Bugtussle reported only six residents by 1962, but experienced a brief re-birth when the David Graham Hall foundation took a fifteen-year lease on the downtown area to restore it. The renovated town had a whopping population of thirty from 1966 through the 1980's
  • During this growth period, the little town made market focus of its unusual name by producing a number of souvenir items under the "Made in Bugtussle, Texas" logo
  • For 42 years now, an annual "parade" of vintage vehicles stops at the old country store site, moving on to nearby Honey Grove for lunch, where the public gets a. chance to see the amazing vehicles in "The Bugtussle Trek"

The name has continued to draw people in, with its oft-photographed country store, and now, a brand new business is born! Bugtussle Burn Texas Salsa is here!

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