Bugtussle Burn News

Welcome to Bugtussle Burn in the news! (We made the papers ma!!) We love to show off stories the local press tells about us. And, if you haven't noticed, we love telling a few stories of our own too!

Bugtussle Burn's Country Store Opens in Arlington!

Our ole' Country Store will be open for business MONDAY, JUNE 17th at GRACIE LANE - A Collection of Shops.

That's right, folks!  Gracie Lane is an awesome new collection of shops in Arlinton (4720 S. Cooper St., Arlington, TX.  817-468-5263), and we're happy as a bug in a rug to be making this location "home base" for our products!  It's all being set up this coming weekend, and open & ready for yer shoppin' pleasures Monday June 17th.   The front porch of our store will have you smilin' and shoppin'!  Lotsa other goodies will be added - all focused on YOU, the all-natural, Texas Country-Lovin' pyro-gourmanic shopper with a sense of humor.

We promise to please not just yer tastebuds, but yer colorful, whimsical, all-around good taste in general!  Delight in a great spread of THE BEST in Medium and Fiery dellights, as well as future additions -  our hand-picked, re-cycled, re-purposed, & up-cycled stuff  that'll make ya smile and tickle yer funny bone.

LIKE us on Facebook, as well as Gracie Lane!  Come check out the store, and help pass the word along, if ya will!  Gracie Lane is open Monday - Friday 10a - 7p and Saturday 10a - 6p (closed on Sundays).   

Bugtussle Burn Salsa Takes 2nd Place Overall at ZestFest 2013

This, our second award at the huge annual fiery foods event called ZestFest, made all the hard work worth it!  Our awesome Country-Store Front Porch booth went back up this year with ease and we served up...heck - don't know HOW many thousands of tastings.  

The best part of Zest Fest for both the vendors and the visitors is meeting the exciting, friendly, less-than-ordinary characters who make up the entrepenurial fire in this food category.  The fans, often dubbed pepper-heads or pyrogourmaniacs are something else too!  These folks practically risk their lives trying out the latest, hottest peppers on the Scovielle scale.

For 3 days, thousands of them file in and try all sorts of awesome sauces, salsas, drinks foods, grilling seasonings and more!  It's a HOOT! Live cooking demos and musical entertainment up on the main stage rounds it all out.   It's in Arlington each year.  Last year we took 2nd place in NEW SALSA - MEDIUM.   This year, we took 2nd place OVERALL in peoples choice - quite a compliment, with over 3000 tasters!   It's been an exciting ride and we are loving it! 

Thank you everyone for all of your support.  Here we go, 2013!