Bugtussle Burn News

Welcome to Bugtussle Burn in the news! (We made the papers ma!!) We love to show off stories the local press tells about us. And, if you haven't noticed, we love telling a few stories of our own too!

The One and Only

We're just so dang excited we can't WAIT till Friday! Come see us throughout the State Fair of Texas, in the Food & Fiber Pavilion, for FREE TASTINGS!  (tasting schedule below, so scroll down a bit)

Here’s a little condensed State Fair of Texas History for ya'll!  (Yup, we LOVE the State Fair just a little bit!)  

Well, it all started in 1886 with about 14,000 people opening day. Oct. 25th.  By 1905, over 300,000 people streamed through the gates - and in 1916, it topped 1 million.  There's lots to tell between those 30 years and throughout the next 30 years, but as far as Elsie the Cow's concerned, her 1946 debut at the fair's 1st post-war celebration was what should remembered as the highlight.  (No, Elsie didn't pay us to say that...but she is so influential!)

In 1951, civic leader R.L. Thornton purchased a huge Santa Claus figure from the Kerens Chamber of Commerce and commissioned local artist Jack Bridges to make a giant cowboy out of the material...and "BIG TEX" was born.  After his clothes were all finished and his huge boots and hat were made, he was installed on the fairgrounds, making his first public State Fair appearance in 1952.

After that came Elvis, Pres Richard Nixon, Belgian waffles...and well, lots-n-lots of fried stuff!  By 2002, about 3 million people visited each year, making the Texas State Fair the largest fair in North America!

Recently, in 2010, "Super Sized Fun" being the appropriate theme, existing records of coupon sales were shattered.  In 2012, "Big & Bright" was the theme and Big Tex's 60th birthday was celebrated.  "Big" was given a new meaning when a hail storm damaged the Fair's historic Midway sign right before opening (it's ok now...don't worry!), and "bright" became a sad, sad word as huge flames from an electrical fire destroyed Big Tex on the season's final day.  Lee & Jan were there with all the horrified witnesses, watching as a beloved icon lost all but an arm.

But Texans don't give up, so throughout the last year, elaborate work - thanks to the financial support of SO many (see their website for more donor info) - Big Tex is back!  The 52-ft. tall talking cowboy (with a few upgrades) will be unveiled on Friday (opening day), hosting this year's fair, "THE ONE AND ONLY"!  How perfect is that?!

Too many features, highlights and events have been added to the Fair to count, but some of the new ones include celebrity chefs, wine tastings, gardening tips and product samplings - YUP, that's US!  Here's the schedule and we sure hope to see ya there!  

Friday, Sept. 27th   (10a-noon & 2-4p)
Sunday, Sept. 29th   (10a-noon)
Saturday, Oct. 5th   (10a-noon & 2-4p)
Sunday, Oct. 6th   (2-4p)
Thursday, Oct. 10th   (10a-noon & 2-4p)
Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 12th & 13th   (2-4p)
Monday, Oct. 14th   (10a-noon & 2-4p)
Wednesday, Oct. 16th   (10a-noon & 2-4p)
Friday & Saturday, Oct. 18th & 19th   (10a-12p & 2-4p)

Annual BUGTUSSLE TREK this Saturday, August 24th!

Hey friends and fans! It's time again for the BUGTUSSLE TREK! The Texas Region of the AACA "treks" each year from to Paris, with stops along the way. Our favorite part of the tour is their stop at the old Bugtussle, Tx Country Store, for hoopin' & hollerin'(& some cheerleaders who might surprise ya a bit). Then it's off to the Community Center in Honey Grove for their lunch stop, with all the awesome classic cars on display in the middle of the square! COME SEE US August 24th (Saturday) bout noon. We'll be inside servin' up free samples to our old friends and havin' a blast!

Warm, Down-Home "WELCOME YA'LL!" to Three New Wholesale Partners

Things move kinda fast round here, but we wanna take some time and welcome our three newest Wholesale Partners!  They've all jumped on board and joined our "family of fiery food maniacs", so yer favorite BUGTUSSLE BURN SASSY TEXASALSA is now on their shelves for yer shoppin' pleasure!


337 S. Main St.  Grapevine, TX 76051;  817-488-7656

Store Hours:  Mon-Sat 10a-6p;  Sunday: 11a-5p 

Grapevine’s Market on Main has well over 30 vendors so it's all about variety! This multi-vendor market covers a broad spectrum of shopping, including Gifts, Clothing, Jewelry, Furniture, Home Decor & Darlin' Baby Items.  

Market on Main is also home to our great friend & Wholesale Partner,  Tommy Tamale Salsa Emporium, who carries our Sassy Texasalsa!  The common denominator throughout  is a hometown feel and a commitment to offering Texas gifts and hand-made/home-made products, so Bugtussle Burn is right at home in Tommy Tamale's new location.  Grapevine's Market on Main, it has been said, is "Where Texans Shop" !


1611 State Highway 50,  Commerce, TX;  903-886-8091

This market & gas station is known for its friendly and helpful staff.  A Phillips 66 provided, their market offers an array of products as you would expect and need - and not what includes your favorits Salsa!   In Commerce, when heading for your Bugtussle Burn Sassy Texasalsa fix, just head for the Cross Streets of State Highway 50 and TX-216-Spur.

GRACIE-LANE  -  A Collection of Shops

4720 South Cooper Street,  Arlington, TX   817-468-5623

Store Hours:  Mon - Fri: 10a-7p;  Sat: 10a-6p;  Closed Sundays

Gracie Lane is a fabulous, up-scale collection of shops ranging from adult & children's fashion, jewelry, home décor, home furnishings, food and more.  I this environment, individual shop owners incorporate their unique items & flair to create a charming visual and shopping experience.  A cafe' will be coming soon as well.  At Gracie Lane, there is something for everyone's needs, both in product and style!  Bugtussle Burn is thrilled to have it's 'ole Country Store in Gracie Lane, so come make yourself at home on our "front porch" and shop our offerings for both your tastebuds and your sense of humor!  (Hey guys...they even have a Man Cave for ya...TV & all! )

Sassy Salsa Gets Tiny Town in the New York Times!

No Highway sign again?!  No Problem!
Bug Tussle, Texas' name-sake product - BUGTUSSLE BURN SASSY TEXASALSA -
is on fire & in the news again!
So, the New York Times covers a funny story on a clever Marketing strategy by Dish Network, whereby the company convinced a small Texas town (population 201) to change their name to "DISH" in exchange for lots of freebie services, etc. And as a good writer loves to do, the story's composer, Manny Fernandez, found a clever mid-story segue - from that satellite dish-covered rural town's partnership with one company's marketing strategy to other small-town names that may have had or have marketable identities.  
And what-do-ya-know...there was one of Fannin County's favorite "marketed identities" -Bugtussle Burn Sassy Texasalsa! Here's some tidbits from the New York Times' article:
In rural Texas, small-town names are a kind of municipal commodity, giving spots on the map their own quirky and marketable identities. They include Cut and ShootJot ‘Em Down and Ding Dong, which happens to be in Bell County. In 1984, a movie called “Paris, Texas” helped that real-life town achieve fame, but no one has made a film called“Oatmeal, Texas.”  It is easier to find a jar of Bugtussle Burn Salsa than it is to find the community it was named for: Bug Tussle
, where the highway signs keep getting stolen."         
Obviously, the hot AND flavorful gourmet salsa is making a name for itself with rave tasting & critic reviews, fiery-food awards and ever-coveted press mentions like this one.  MoreoverBugtussle Burn Sassy Texasalsa, known for having a sweet-turned-burnin' party with the taste-buds of addicted pyrogourmaniacs, has brought more & more attention to Fannin County's tiny, unincorporated town.  There may be no highway sign (again), but Bug Tussle, Texas and Fannin County are rich with history, honored with memories, and adorned with tall tales.  
As Jan & Lee Allen travel and market Bugtussle Burn Sassy Texasalsa, that name just sticks in the minds of those they meet - just like that first taste of their made-in-Texas salsa does!  So one guy says to the other, "Hey, you ever heard of Bug Tussle, Texas?"... And so goes the birth of blogs, news coverage of the town, the county, Jan & Lee Allen, and how her Sassy Texasalsa came to be.  
The Allen's, who settled awhile on their Texas ranch in Bug Tussle, finally decided to take Jan's beloved salsa from their kitchen (where friends had constantly egged Jan on to "go big" with her recipe) to the fiercely competitive world of fiery foods in 2010.  It's been a fast, successful ride through too many towns to count with tasting events, festivals, national fiery food events, and down-home farmers' markets.  The list of wholesale partners grows constantly and business is good.  
But in the end, the Allens love most the grandest adventure of all: Meeting new people, making new friends, and asking that question-of-all-questions to the seasoned traveler:  
"Yea, but have ya ever been to Bugtussle?!"