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Welcome to Bugtussle Burn in the news! (We made the papers ma!!) We love to show off stories the local press tells about us. And, if you haven't noticed, we love telling a few stories of our own too!

Retail Partner of the Month - May 2016

Don't you just love to go into a shop that has a huge variety of things to choose from?  When you wander in to Hope Chest Collectibles in Bonham, TX, you can spend a good portion of your shopping day in this one store.  And, that's okay, because you are likely to find all that you want under one roof.  There are plenty of cute gift ideas for all ages, things that are unique, and items that are true to Texas.  Hope Chest does a great job in keeping a southern spirit alive.  It's a fun time to browse with your gals, find matching t-shirts for your fav group such as "Team Brunch" and gift a friend to lift their spirits one of the smell-good candles you will find in the shop.  The team is friendly there and gives you a warm welcome as well as helps with gift ideas for the hard-to-buy for.  Be sure to give their Facebook a "Like" because they're always posting things in the shop and items that are new.  We are sure glad to have Bugtussle Burn in Hope Chest!

901 W Sam Rayburn Dr, Bonham, TX 75418
(903) 640-0009
Hope Chest Facebook
Hope Chest Collectibles Website

Canine Bugtussle


When Bug was discovered in a puppy mill nearly 10 years ago, she weighed only four pounds.  Joan took the dog home after doing a photo shoot for the shelter.  Joan's husband called the pup Bugtussle because of how small and feeble she was.  As she received some good ole TLC in her new home, the couple decided Bug deserved a new name, so they took to the internet in search of that new name.  Lo and behold, they discovered a town named Bugtussle and how that town got its name.  So, they decided little Bugtussle would keep the name.  

Bug is a farm dog who watches over 30+ acres of land just outside of Austin from her domain...the front porch.  She sure does bring a smile to your face.  

Retail Partner of the Month - April 2016

Central Market is a place for real foodies, and you can certainly spend more time in a Central Market then you had planned on when entering through their doors.  Think fresh, and you will have a good idea what Central Market stores are all about.  The stores do not disappoint when it comes to a large selection of fresh produce and quality meats.  Stop and sample some coffee as your browse down the aisles of shelves filled with products made in Texas and other great small vendors across the country offering natural and high quality products.  There's always sampling happening throughout the stores especially on a Saturday.  Central Market is the place to go for a fine wine selection which is conveniently located next to the large cheese section.  And, there's always a food expert eager to help you choose just the right item or answer questions.  Bugtussle Burn is sure proud to be among the great items found in all Central Market locations in Texas.

Central Market Website

Central Market Facebook

Locations in Texas:

Austin North Lamar, Austin Westgate, Dallas Lovers, Dallas Preston, Fort Worth, Houston, Plano, San Antonio, and Southlake 

Retail Partner of the Month - March 2016

When you are looking for something made in Texas, Loco Cowpoke Salsa Shop is a good place to head to.  This family owned and operated shop is located in Historic Downtown McKinney.  You will feel some good ole southern hospitality when you shop and have an opportunity to sample from most of the products offered.  If it's a gift you are looking for, well, they have some pretty nice gift baskets already made up and ready to go.  Now, it's not just salsa they sell.  You will be surrounded by some great dips, jellies, honey, sauces and soups.  If you can't make a decision from all the yummy products, one of the friendly folks of Loco Cowpolk will help you make a satisfactory decision.  And if you leave there wishing you would've picked up a few more items, you can always go online to place an order.  

206 E. Louisiana St, McKinney, TX  75069
Loco Cowpoke Website
Loco Cowpoke Facebook