About Us

Jan Allen, creator of Bugtussle Burn Texas Salsa would love to say she's a great chef, cooking for family and friends over the years; but the truth is, says Jan, "I can bake a little. The only thing I make that everyone seems to really love is my Texas Salsa!"

And that's no tall tale! Just ask anyone who's tried a batch. After working on her Salsa for 30 some odd years, Jan decided it was finally ready to offer to the public for their enjoyment. First shipments are out and on area shelves and it's a hit! A little sweet and a little spicy, Bugtussle Burn's secret to success may be that subtle, rich sweetness followed quickly by just the right amount of burn!

Jan had always dreamed of living in the country, so a few years ago when her "deep East" Texas husband, Lee suggested they go for it, it was off to Bugtussle Texas!

They have now built their home (often dubbed 'a little bit of heaven' by lucky guests), and it is TRULY living in the country! Bugtussle's claim to a population of 15 could be a whopping 21 if only critters counted... Jan & Lee have a horse named Jake, two cats, Rocky & Stormy, 2 guinea fowl and a donkey named Smiley Burnett! You can spot all the critters AND friends on Facebook!

Lee and his horse, Jake!Lee and his horse, Jake!
So much snow for Texas!So much snow for Texas!